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ART “4” “2”-DAY  21 December
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^ Born on 21 December 1815: Thomas Couture, French Academic history, portrait, and genre painter who died on 30 March 1879.
— Couture studied under Baron Antoine-Jean Gros and Paul Delaroche. Won Prix de Rome in 1837. Was very popular as a teacher. His pupils included Edouard Manet, Jean-François Millet, Puvis de Chavannes, William Morris Hunt, and John La Farge.
— A pupil of Gros and Delaroche, Couture is chiefly remembered for his vast “orgy” picture The Romans of the Decadence, which was the sensation of the Salon of 1847. Like other “one-picture painters”, his reputation has sunk with that of his big work, which now if often cited as the classic example of the worst type of bombastic academic painting, impeccable in every detail and totally false in overall effect. His more informal works, however, are often much livelier in conception and technique, for as a teacher he encouraged direct study from landscape.
Head of a Boy (lithograph 36x 26cm)
La Fille de l'Artiste (1878, 45x37cm) — Portrait of a LadyThe Duel after the Masked Ball... (1857) — Head of Bacchus

Died on a 21 December:
2002 Glen Seator, falling from the roof of his three-story house. Born on 05 June 1956, he was a so-called “sculptor” who became known for such works as his 1997 B.D.O., an office salvaged from the remodeling of a building, tilted at a 45 degree angle; or his 1999 remodeling of an art gallery into a check-cashing store.
1929 Henry Herbert La Thangue, British painter born on born on 19 January 1859. — La Thangue studied painting in London and Paris. As an artist he was against the old ideas of salon painting supported by the Academy and encouraged the acceptance of French ‘plein-air’, (painting in the open air instead of in a studio). He is best remembered for paintings of life in the countryside. — The Plough Boy (155x118cm) — At the WellA Ligurian GulfNightfall (The Gleaners)The AqueductAn Andalucian
1924 Jean André Rixens, French artist born on 30 November 1846. — LINKSThe Death of Cleopatra (1874)
1917 Wilhelm Heinrich Trübner, German artist born on 03 February 1851.
1894 Ramón Martí y Alsina, Spanish artist born in 1826.
1879 William Jamps Shayer Sr., British artist born in 1788. — A Village Festival (1843, 90 x109cm)
1871 Paul Camille Guigou, French artist born on 15 February 1834.— The Washerwoman (1860)
1838 Jan Christianus Schotel, Dutch artist born on 11 November 1787.
1693 Hendrik Mommers, Dutch artist born in 1623.
1579 Vicente Juan Masip (or Macip), Spanish artist born before 1523.

Born on a 21 December:
1904 Jean René Bazaine, French artist who died in 1995.
1893 Winifred Nicholson, British artist who died in 1981.. — LINKS
1772 François-Thomas-Louis Francia, French artist who died on 06 February 1839. — LINKS
1759 Pierre-François Delaunay (or Delauney), French artist who died on 26 August 1789.
1744 Anne (Vallayer) Coster, French artist who died on 27 February 1818.
1701 Guillaume Thomas Raphaël Taraval, French artist who died in 1750.— Relative? of Hughes Taraval [1729-1785], Louis Gustave Taraval [1739-1794]?
1627 Jacob van der Ulft, Dutch artist who died on 18 November 1689.

search 7500+ artists, their works, museums, movements, countries, time periods, media, specializations

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