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ART “4” “2”~DAY 21 February
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^ Born on 21 February 1830: Henry Wallis, English Pre-Raphaelite painter who died in December 1916.
— Wallis studied at the Royal Academy Schools of Art, and also at Gleyre's studio and the Beaux Arts in Paris between 1840-50. He was a prolific painter and in later years painted in Italy, Sicily and Egypt. His most famous work is The Death of Chatterton, which portrays the death of the 17 year old poet Thomas Chatterton, who committed suicide by taking arsenic. Chatterton was a brilliant young poet, influencing Keats and Wordsworth, who called him 'the Marvellous Boy'. The model for the dead poet was George Meredith, then aged about 28. Two years later Meredith's wife eloped with Wallis. Wallis painted the picture in the actual attic in Gray's Inn where Chatterton died.
The Death of Chatterton (1856, 61x91cm) _ The painting was exhibited with the following quotation from Marlowe: 'Cut is the branch that might have grown full straight And burned is Apollo's laurel bough.'

Died on a 21 February:
1921 Karl Wilhelm Anton Seiler, German artist born on 03 August 1846.
1911 Isidro Nonelly Monturiol, Spanish artist born on 30 November 1911. — [Did he hate a woman named Nelly? all women named Nelly?]
1894 Gustave Caillebote, French artist born on 19 August 1848. — [Did he sail a “guy boat”?]
1862 John Woodhouse Audubon, US artist born on 30 November 1812. — LINKS — Not to be confused with John James Audubon [1785-1851] the famous painter of birds.
1838 Charles Thévenin, French artist born on 12 July 1764.
1766 José Galván, Spanish artist born on 19 June 1705.
1665 Michel Dorigny, French artist born in 1617.

Born on a 21 February:

1882 Jean-Théodore Jean Dupas, French Art Deco designer who died in 1964. — LINKS
1865 Grace Carpenter Hudson, US painter who died in 1937. — LINKSBaby Bunting (1894) — The Seed Conjurer (1896)— Joseppa (1933)
1815 Jean Louis Ernest Meissonier, French artist who died on 31 January 1891.
1745 Joseph-Laurent Malaine (or Malines, Mallache), French artist who died on 05 May 1809. [Je ne trouve pas de Malaine dans l'internet, ni de Moncoton, Monlin, Monnylon, Talaine , Toncoton, Tonlin, Tonnylon, Salaine , Soncoton, Sonlin, ou Sonnylon]
1686 Frans Xaver Hendrik Verbeeck, Flemish artist who died on 28 May 1755.
1630 Cornelis Droogsloot (or Droochslott), Dutch artist who died after 1673.
1627 Philips-Ausgustyn Immenraet, Flemish painter who died on 25 September 1679. — The Wolf Hunt — Similar subject by other artists: Alexandre-François Desportes : The Wolf HuntRubens : Wolf and Fox Hunt (1620) — Jacques-Raymond Brascassat : Dogs attacking a Wolf
1575 Marten Pepyn (or Pepin), Flemish artist who died in 1642.


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